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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Black Singles Meet of NWA

Check out the New Group for Black Attractive Singles to Meet. Go ahead and introduce yourself.

You never know if your Prince or Princess is waiting eagerly for your "Hello."

Give it a try! It can't hurt anything if you do.

Dating in Northwest Arkansas shouldn't be so hard, but it is! 

The group was created by a group of women whose purpose is to help black singles to find love, despite the low numbers in the Black Male ratio. 

The 25:1 ratio means that for every Educated, Professional Black man, there are 25 Educated, Professional Black Women trying to get his attention. Women outnumber men and the Hunt for the Black Male is competitive.

Therefore, this group will help men and women to meet, talk and introduce themselves. No games. No tacky, ratchet photos. Please keep your profile picture real and not of avatars, or other images.

Go ahead and give it a try! Your future Husband or Wife is waiting!

Join the New Facebook Group at:

Black Singles Meet of NWA

Black Singles Meet of Arkansas

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Single Parents Survey

Single Parents Questionnaire

This is a survey questionnaire for single moms and dads in NWA. This would help with an article that I want to produce.

The survey is located on Survey Monkey at:

Thanks for your time. 

Thanks and pass on to other single moms in the area.

Leora Jackson, Single Mommy :)

Single Moms Balancing Act

BY Leora Jackson 

Previously published by Leora Jackson May 10 2010

Memphis is perhaps the Single Mom Capital of the US. Primarily, this is due to the number of single mothers that are 18 and under. According to the Urban Child Institute of Memphis, 8, 617 single mothers gave birth in Shelby County in 2009. This statistic continues to increase as more and more children are born into poverty and the single mother epidemic continues to repeat itself, especially among the young and uneducated low income households.

However, there are many older women that are now single mothers due to divorce, death of spouse, single mom by choice or other. These women sometimes deal with the pressures of juggling work, dating relationships, social life, church and most of all….their children. These women are working and educated, and must deal with the pressures of everyday life situations. Some women are able to adapt and balance it all very well without missing a beat. Others fumble with doing just one thing well and miss out on enjoying their much needed social life.

A few single moms in the 9 to 5 workforce were asked about how they view their single mother status. Some stated that they wish they could network with other single moms in the area to discuss activities with their children, compare daycares, talk and share shopping secrets and dating. Some single mothers, whom are alone with no other family in the city, really feel the burden the hardest and must rely on church, friends and coworkers for a stress relief break.

Regardless of the situations, from low income to upper class, balancing child, work, dating and church is a challenge and single moms are known for performing a majority of life’s balancing acts.